District No. 118 Technology Staff: CRP - Computer Resource Person

Each buildinghas a computer resource person to help providetechnology training and troubleshooting assistance to staff members.
School   CRP   Phone Number
Mark Denman Elementary   Elizabeth Benjamin   444-3212
Mark Denman Elementary   MaryJo Heeren   444-3224
Mark Denman Elementary   Alissa Wright   444-3298 
Edison Elementary   Kim Goodner   444-3368
Garfield Elementary   Melissa Willer   444-1760
Liberty Elementary   Cheryl Swafford   444-3011
Meade Park Elementary   Jessica Poulson   444-1930
Northeast Elementary   Lisa Unzicker   444-3071
Southwest Elementary   Brett Brown   444-3521
North Ridge   Kristi Hawker   444-3474
North Ridge   Clint Cunningham   444-3461
North Ridge   Jason Smith   444-3433
South View   Katie Post   444-1883
South View   Robert Cundiff   444-1834
South View   Julie Turner   444-1815
Kenneth D. Bailey Academy   Janelle Biggs   477-0302
Danville High School   Jana Drennan   444-1621
Danville High School   Andrea Van Leer   444-1666
Danville High School   Kurt Willer   444-1533