Danville District No. 118 Future Problem Solvers

FPS (Future Problem Solvers) is an international competition program that teaches students how to use six step problem solving method to identify a topic of concern to their community, research the causes, and then develop an action plan to improve the situation.
D118 #MediaRefresh118 is a joint project between students from both South View and North Ridge . This project focuses on the detrimental effects of negative social media on District 118. Our goal is to encourage a culture of positivity and respect throughout our community.

DHS Project SOS - Stamping Out Stigmas is a joint project with Moriah College in Sydney, Australia. This project is a global study that addresses the stigmas that inhibit teens facing a mental health crisis from seeking appropriate help.

Featured Video Links by FPS:
Project S.O.S. by the DHS Future Problem Solvers
118 Reasons to Love D118 by the Future Problem Solvers
#MediaRefresh118 by the NRMS & SVMS FPS